Q&A How to use Airless Bottle correctly?

July 09, 2023
Q&A How to use Airless Bottle correctly?

When using a vacuum cosmetic bottle for the first time, you may encounter some issues. Here are some common "problems" and COSKEZY will help you resolve while providing proper usage instructions.

1: How does airless bottle work?

Airless bottle operates on the principle of creating a vacuum seal inside the bottle to dispense the emulsion. The airless bottle is designed with a pump or dispenser mechanism connected to the opening. When the pump is pressed, the bottle will be created a partial vacuum inside by reducing the air pressure. Therefore, inside bottle exerts a suction force, causing the PP plastic lift to rise up through the bottom of the pump connected to the pump mouth. As the pump is released, the vacuum seal is maintained, preventing air from entering the bottle and maintaining the integrity of the emulsion. When the pump is pressed again, the vacuum pressure is released, allowing the emulsion to flow out of the dispenser.

2: Airless bottle Q&A

The common "problems" for airless bottle are same, the inner formula can not be pumped out smoothly. BUT what matters is at what stage the problem occurs, for first using or after using. Here comes solution:

A: First using

When you get an airless bottle with formula, there is air inside. Press it one time normally as those traditional bottle with straw, nothing comes out! Don't worry, not a defect, it's how the regular airless dispenser works. The key point of this "issue" is to remove the internal air between the formula and the bottom of the pump. So, continue pressing until the inner air is expelled, and the formula will then come out smoothly.

This vacuum mechanism ensures that the emulsion is dispensed in controlled amounts and minimizes exposure to air, which can help preserve the product's freshness and efficacy. It also prevents excessive product wastage and allows for convenient and hygienic application.

B: After using

Sometimes, the inner lift will get stuck when using, just need a paperclip. Put it into the hole at the bottom and push the lift, keep pumping then the formula will comes out.

3: How to use the airless correctly?

1.Please pump several times during first using. The inner extra air needs to be pumped out firstly, then the formula will come out.

2.Please fill the bottle with enough formula.

3.Please make sure to tighten the pump head before using.

4.Please do not open pump head to let air in, or you will need to pump several times to pump those air out.

5.Please don't poke the inside lift in and not shake the bottle.

6.If there is extra space inside, we need to pump several times to pump the extra air out then the formula will come out.

7.Please check if the formula is suitable for airless container

I hope this article can be helpful to you. If there are any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Here attaches the video of "airless bottle Q&A", including how to fix and use your airless bottle, the benefits of airless bottle. If you are interested, please check it. 

Airless bottle Q&A from COSKEZY

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