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About COSKEZY High Capacity Cosmetic Packaging user manual | Shaoxing CosPack

About COSKEZY High Capacity Cosmetic Packaging user manual | Shaoxing CosPack
The large-capacity cream jar finds its utility in a myriad of scenarios, owing to its versatile design and practical features. This container is particularly well-suited for high-volume storage and dispensing of various creams, lotions, and cosmetic products. Its spacious interior allows for ample product accommodation, making it an ideal choice for businesses or individuals dealing with larger quantities.

In professional cosmetic settings, such as spas or beauty salons, the large cream jar proves indispensable for storing and conveniently accessing creams or lotions used in bulk during beauty treatments. Its transparent acrylic construction not only provides a visually appealing aesthetic but also allows for easy monitoring of the product level, ensuring timely refills.

Additionally, this jar is well-suited for personal use in a home setting where individuals may prefer to purchase beauty or skincare products in larger quantities. The wide-mouth design facilitates effortless scooping or dispensing of the desired amount of cream, offering a user-friendly experience.


High-capacity Acrylic Cosmetic Containers

JA20-100gram 200gram
JA10-100 gram
High-capacity PET Container
PET cosmetic container allows for the storage of a significant quantity of creams, lotions, or other cosmetic products. This feature is particularly attractive for customers seeking value in terms of product quantity. The design of the jar typically includes user-friendly features such as a wide-mouth opening, facilitating easy dispensing and application of the stored creams. This convenience enhances the overall user experience. The secure sealing mechanisms employed in these jars help prevent leaks and spills, ensuring the integrity of the product during storage and transportation. What's moew, the availability of both thin-wall and thick-wall plastic cream jars allows brands to tailor their packaging choices to specific needs, occasions, and brand positioning strategies. This flexibility ensures that the product presentation aligns seamlessly with the brand's overall identity and the preferences of its target audience.
Available capacities: 100 150 200 250
PETJ71-Aluminum Lid/Plastic Lid
Available Capacities: 100 150 200 250
Versatility for Various Occasions:
   Travel-Friendly Options:* Thin-wall jars are well-suited for travel-sized products, meeting the needs of consumers who prioritize compact and lightweight packaging during their travels.
   Professional and Luxury Settings:* Thick-wall jars, with their premium appearance, are often chosen for products used in professional settings, luxury spas, or upscale cosmetic environments.

Brand Positioning:
   Economical Appeal: Brands targeting a broad consumer base with an emphasis on affordability may opt for thin-wall jars to provide cost-effective yet functional packaging solutions.

  Luxury and Prestige: Brands focusing on luxury and prestige may prefer thick-wall jars to convey an exclusive and high-quality image to their customers.     


Acrylic Jar -100 gram
120gram acrylic jar                
Acrylic Jar -120 gram
100g 150g 200g 250g PET Jar                
High Capacity PET jar

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