Airless Pump Bottles


Airless pump bottles are always a good choice in cosmetic and skincare packaging, offering a high end, luxurious look, while also properly to preserve your product. These cosmetic and skincare bottles provide a simple yet effective dispensing method for many products.

Here are different models of airless bottles & airless jars available in Shaoxing CosPack, made of AS, PP, PET, Acrylic and with optional accessories for the lids like creams pumps, spray for your reference.

As a major benefit, airless pump bottles prevent outside elements, such as oxygen, from reaching your products. Airless pumps do not include dip tubes, but create vacuums through platforms molded into their bases. While oxygenation may occur with standard lotion pumps, airless pumps are fully sealed, reducing contact with oxygen and other outside contaminants, to longer the shelf-time.

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